Reed also offers Colts Starting, Halter breaking and more advanced training as well.

Horse Training ANd lessons

Reed is available to give beginner level riding lessons, as well as more advanced. 

Reed Sykes is the  owner and operator of Northwest Stables. Reed began riding on his family owned ranch when he was 6 years old. From that day on he was consumed with thoughts about horses. Reed follows the old vaquero methods of starting and finishing his horses. He starts them in a snaffle bit and rides them until they are ready to move up to a bosal. After a year to a year and a half they are moved to the two rein and eventually a spade bit. Reed doesn't believe in rushing a horse, or making the horse do something. An ultimate partnership is the end goal. He doesn't believe in the latest gimmick or training aid that someone is trying to sell. Reed, pictured with Megan Sykes, has studied under renowned trainers such as Buck Brannaman, and he follows some of the natural horsemanship established by Ray Hunt, Tom Dorrance and Bill Dorrance.
Reed has solved many horse-related issues including, but not limited to, trailering issues, halter breaking, bathing, clipping, and more. ​He constantly strives to learn more about horse behavior, physiology, nutrition and general care to best advise his clients, whether they board horses at Northwest, take lessons, or have a horse in full training.

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Halter breaking

 300$/30 days

Colt starting

 500$/30 days

Advanced training

900$/30 days

These prices include Board and Hay.