Megan has been riding since she was three years old and has worked her entire life to become the best horseman she possible can. Megan has never had a finished, trained horse handed to her, she has always had to move up and train her horses herself. She has ridden at the Intermediate level in eventing and has worked and ridden under some of the best eventers in the U.S. including Tamie smith, Heather Morris, and Mike Huber. She was on the 1 star team for Area V NAJYRC in 2014, won the American Eventing Championships in 2014, and was the national prelim champion in the year 2014 as well. More recently she has been doing very well at the training and preliminary levels with her new horse Mo. They placed 1st at the training 3 day at Galway downs in California in 2016, and placed 3rd at the American Eventing Championships in 2017.  Her program offers lessons that teach basic riding and horse care, dressage, jumping, and eventing to beginners through advanced level riders. Megan is actively competing and traveling all over the U.S. to stay at the top level of riding so there is opportunity for any student to get competition experience and travel like no one else. Schooling horses are available for lessons as well as taking lessons on your own horse.

   Megan believes that riding should be a positive constructive activity where every student and horse can thrive at their own pace and own level. She constantly strives to have a fun, safe, and educational barn environment where everyone feels respected and welcome. Megan has a similar philosophy with horse training as she does her students. Horses should be pushed to reach their potential but allowed time and patience to build their self-confidence and talent. 

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